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Intensive Inpatient

Our intensive inpatient residential treatment program is approximately 30 days and includes group therapy sessions each day. These sessions include evidence-based education and therapy to address substance use disorders, relapse prevention tools and more.

During their stay, we introduce clients to various types of community-based support systems for ongoing connection in their post-treatment recovery. Apricity hosts regular self-help support meetings.

Transitional Residential Treatment

Following successful completion of inpatient treatment, Apricity offers transitional treatment where clients are supported with ongoing group therapy and individual sessions. Clients can find transitional employment at Apricity Contract Packaging facilities in Neenah or Milwaukee, or find local volunteer opportunities.

Apartment Program

Clients who meet the criteria may choose to continue treatment in our offsite apartment program. The length of stay ranges from 30 days to 12 months, depending on the client's needs and desire. Clients have more opportunities to utilize the tools they have learned for independent living and are supported with:

  • Ongoing group therapy
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Daily check-ins


For clients who meet the criteria, Apricity offers up to 12 weeks of aftercare support to help them stay connected, reinforce coping skills and provide recovery networking.

Sober Living

Apricity's safe, supportive Sober Living houses are just minutes away from Apricity Contract Packaging in Neenah. In order to qualify for residency, clients must be 30 days clean and have recently completed a residential treatment program. While furthering their transition into recovery, residents build a communty and participate in:

  • Family meals
  • Group activities
  • Recovery coaching sessions
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Transitional Employment Opportunities

At Apricity Contract Packaging, we provide a safe place of employment where individuals can work alongside others on various points of their recovery journeys, while gaining valuable occupational skills. Participants can overcome employment barriers.

Apricity Contract Packaging is peer run and supervisors are understanding of the recovery journey as they are also in recovery. It is easier to grow in confidence and security in a new way of life when working alongside others on recovery journeys. Employees will witness the possibilities available to them while leading a clean, sober lifestyle.

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